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The feeling and emotions that cause self harm do not just disappear. Neither do we suddenly develop new healthy coping mechanisms from nowhere. Recovering from self harm means being able to discuss it openly with professionals that can help you to work through the underlying issue causing this behaviour.

The first step to recovery is finding the strength and courage to discuss your self harming with a professional that you can trust.

Your general Practitioner may be able to suggest a medication that might help. Alternatively, some form of counselling or therapy is advisable to help you talk through your difficulties and enable you to find some new adaptive coping mechanisms.

There are many ways to help to prevent self injury but some will work better than others as it depends on the individual concerned. For some people keeping busy helps, for others they may find it more useful to do something relaxing or pampering. The following is a selection of ideas that may prevent or reduce episodes of self harm.

• Keep a diary.
• Call a friend and chat
• Focus on your breathing and the movement of your abdomen and chest.
• Suck lemon slices
• Hold an ice cube for a little while or rub it on your skin
• Listen to some soft music
• Watch your favourite comedy film
• Call a help line
• Listen to a relaxation tape
• Eat comfort food
• Listen to upbeat music and dance around
• Learn some breathing exercises to aid relaxation.
• Treat yourself to a luxurious bath
• Tear up old newspapers
• Put on loud music and scream
• Play a physical game like tennis or squash
• If you are angry or upset with someone then write him or her a letter then tear it up or burn it
• Clean the house or the car
• Eat a hot curry or other spicy food
• Go for a walk or run
• Visit the gym
• Hit a punch bag.
• Punch pillows
• Write about happy times in your life
• Use a red marker pen and draw on the area you want to cut.







You are here: Home What is Self Harm? Prevention